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Definitions & Key Concepts
Navigating eTRACSVideo
Customizing the Dashboard
Setting Up "My Profile"
eTRACS ModulesVideo
Assigning & Using Delegates
Key Personnel by Sponsor Matrix

Quick Tips

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Interpreting Proposal & Change Request RoutesVideo
Revising the Setup Questions
Assigning an Originating SponsorVideo
Changing the Proposal Title
Changing the Proposal Sponsor
F&A Scheme Dictionary
Chose Wrong Proposal Template
Adding External Consultant Personnel
Editing Proposal Project Dates and PeriodsVideo
Exporting a Standard Proposal Budget
Exporting a Fixed Price Budget
Sponsor Changes to MTDC Categories
Allocation of Credit – Clinical Trial Principal Investigators
When Pre-Review Routing is Disapproved
Adding an Individual to a Final RouteVideo
Exiting a Record
When Final Routing is Disapproved
Federal S2S Submission Issues
Email Fetching

Developing Proposals

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Routing Steps & 10-5-2 Timeline
Start a New Non-Federal Proposal
Start a New Proposal with ECU as a SubawardeeVideo
Start a New Federal ProposalVideo
Start an Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trial Proposal
Start a Multi-Component/Multi-Core Proposal
Copy an Existing ProposalVideo
Creating a Collaborative NSF Proposal
Associated Departments and Centers
Completing the Pre-Review & Additional Info TabsVideo: F&A
Video: Cost Sharing
Completing the Personnel Tab
Completing the Budget Tab
NIH Modular Budgets
Using To-Be-Named Personnel in Budgets
Adding Cost-Share to a BudgetVideo
Adding Subawards to Proposal Budgets
Completing the Allocations TabVideo
Completing a Non-Federal Proposal
Completing an NIH Proposal
Completing an NSF Proposal
Finalizing a ProposalVideo
Pre-Proposals - Development and Routing

Proposal Actions

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PI CertificationsVideo
Review & Approve a PreReview RoutingVideo
Review & Approve a Final Proposal RoutingVideo
Reviewing & Approving Pre-Review & Final Proposal Routes (Research Administrators)
Final Review Rework Needed (Research Administrators)

Change Requests

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Submitting Change RequestsVideo
Approving Change RequestsVideo
New Award Meeting Confirmation and Waiver ProcessVideo
PI Closeout Attestation - ORA Post-Award InitiationVideo
PI Closeout Attestation - PI Approval
Cost Exception Request - Initiation
Cost Exception Request - Post-Award Guidance
ORA Award RoutingVideo
Subaward Initiation and Modification - ORA Post-Award ApprovalVideo


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Adding a New Sponsor
Facilities and Administrative Costs
Sponsor F&A Limitations
Agreement Tracking
Document Naming Conventions
Just In Time Requests
Budget Rounding Error Help

Creating Awards & Other Management Guides (ORA Use Only)

Help PageHelp Videos & Companion Checklists
Adding AwardsAdding Awards Checklist
Agreement Tracking in PT
Updating the Awarded Budget
Adding New Periods vs New Modifications
Processing a Change of PIAdding Awards Checklist
Creating & Tracking Outgoing SubawardsOutgoing Subawards Checklist
DeobligationsAdding Awards Checklist
Record Linkages and Relating Proposals
Creating a Stand Alone Management (PT) Record
Assigning the Grant Number in AT
Master Record Controls