Finalizing a Proposal


All of the proposal tabs must be completed. See the following training documents:

Starting a Federal or Non-Federal Proposal

Completing an NIH Proposal

Completing an NSF Proposal

Completing the Personnel, Budget & Allocations Tabs

Completing Pre-Review & Additional Info Tabs

Finalizing a Proposal

  • Navigate to the finalize tab of the proposal record
  • Click “Build PFD/Form Pages”

  • Click the “Build” button under the “Build PDF/Form Pages” section > Wait while the forms load

  • Assemble the application
    • Click Build (If the submission is a federal sponsor, click the “Build Application” button)

  • A PDF compiled of the proposal components will be available under the “Form/Document” sections called “Assembled Doc.” View the assembled document using the glasses icon.

  • Submit for final review by clicking on “Submit Final Review” with the thumbs up icon

  • Accept the certification text as the proposal developer > Continue
    • NOTE: If the PI is the submitter, the PI certification text will appear at this time, but this is NOT the official certification.  The proposal will first route to the PI where the PI must approve the proposal route to record the official PI certification.