Help – Subaward Tracking



Navigate to the PT record

Navigate to the subaward budget under the Submission section of the PT record

  • Open the subaward budget
  • Click on the subaward number (automatically assigned during proposal development)

Change the status of the subaward budget period being awarded to Funded

  • Future years status set to Anticipated by clicking on the budget increment status
    • NOTE: When future years of funding are received, navigate back to the subaward budget and change the status of those increments to Funded.
    • NOTE:  If the budget amount is incorrect – do not correct here. Doing so will change the overall project budget. Post-submission changes to the subaward budget should have been made during award acceptance.

Navigate back to the Subaward summary screen

  • Open the short form

  • Change the Institution Number to the subaward agreement number
    • Choose a funding Type
    • Add contact information by scrolling down the form

Navigate to the Agreements tab under the Submissions section of the PT record

  • Click Create New
  • In the New Agreement form, enter these parameters:
    • Agreement Type = Outgoing Subaward/Subcontract Agreement OR Outgoing Subaward/Subcontract Amendment
    • Agreement From = Start Date of the current subaward period
    • Agreement To = End Date of the current subaward period
    • Date Signed = Execution Date of the agreement
    • Institution Name = Start typing subawardee agency and choose from drop down menu
    • Other Inst Identifier = Subaward Agreement Number
    • Agreement Conditions = optional
    • Agreement Comments = Optional
  • Save

Change the status

  • Keep track of the review statuses (see Agreement Tracking training document)
    • OR Choose Outgoing Sub Fully Executed
  • Click Add

In the Subaward Information Screen:

  • Enter Amount (Can be $0, positive or negative)
  • Enter Type of action
  • Save

Attach the subaward agreement and supporting documentation

  • Clicking on the Add button next to the Document Summary section
  • Choose the Category
  • Browse for the file
  • Click Upload

Compile the document for Award Routing

  • Print to PDF the agreement and supporting documentation
  • Navigate to the Communications tab
  • Click Record Letter

  • In the New Letter screen, enter these parameters:
    • Document Name = [Sub Agreement number] Coversheet
    • Document Category = Award Coversheet
    • Letter Template = Subaward Cover Sheet
  • Click Test
  • Click Ok
  • Click Build
  • View the Coversheet by clicking on the glasses icon
    • NOTE: All agreements from the agreements tab will populate in different sections.  Print to PDF the page that you need and circle the correct section within Adobe Pro