Just in Time Requests


Just-In-Time Request: The official request for additional information after proposal submission by NIH; used in reference to the same type of request from any other sponsor.

Proposal Status: The current status of the proposal record; a record may be placed in “Just-In-Time Requested” status; a historical record of all of the previous statuses can be found in the Status History tab of the Proposal Tracking (PT) record.


How to record a Just in Time Request in eTRACS

  • When the Central Office Sponsored Program Officer (SPO) receives notice from the sponsor and/or PI that there has been a Just-In-Time request, the SPO will navigate to the PT version of the record in eTRACS
  • Expand the information under the proposal tab and click on the Status History

  • Change the status to “Just-In-Time Requested”, date will default, add comments > Click Add
  • The Just-In-Time Requested status will appear at the top of the status history list
  • Once the information is gathered from the PI and submitted to the sponsor, the status in PT should be changed back to “Submitted to Sponsor.”