PI Certification


The proposal must be completed and the final route of approval submitted.  If the PI is developing the proposal and submits it for final approval, the certification will display, but this is NOT the official certification.

How to certify a proposal

All proposals will route to the PI(s) first.  An approval and certification must be completed before the routing continues.

  • Log in to eTRACS
  • Navigate to your “Things to Do” tab > Click on the proposal number to open the Reviewer Dashboard
  • Type in any necessary comments
  • On the reviewer dashboard, click “Approved”
    • NOTE: A Conditional Approval should not be used for a PI certification routing step.  A Disapproval will stop the route and require the proposal to re-route with an “Approved” PI Certification step to continue.  See the Definitions web page for definitions on approval types.

  • Certification text will appear > Click Accept