Help – Approving a PI Closeout Attestation


  • eTRACS will send an email when a PI Closeout Attestation is initiated by ORA
    • The form will also appear in Things to Do/Assignments
    • Click on the change request number from the Things to Do menu or the Reviewer Dashboard from the email message

  • The Reviewer Dashboard will open
    • Click on the change request number to open up the record and see all tabs, or
    • Click on the PI Closeout Attestation form link to view the attestation language

  • On the top tab of the record, review the attachments and notes, if any.

  • After review, Close the record or form, navigate back to the reviewer dashboard > Click Approved
    • NOTE: A Conditional Approval is considered an official APPROVAL.  Definitions of the approval types can be found on the definitions web page.
    • NOTE: The proposal will be in View Only mode during the pre-approval route and changes that are required should be communicated to the PI and/or proposal developers through the comments.

    • Accept the PI attestation

    • Close out of the Reviewer Dashboard