Help – Adding External Consultants

The following process is limited by security and may not be possible by every user.

In certain situations a federal sponsor may require that an External Consultant be named on the personnel tab, include key personnel documentation like the Biosketch and Current and Pending, but do NOT need to be named within the Budget.  In order to achieve this result, follow the steps below.

  • On the personnel tab, choose one of the following appropriate Personnel Types:
    • External Consultant – Key
    • External Consultant – Other Significant Contributor
    • Note: “External Consultant – Non-Key” will add the person to the personnel tab under the non-key section and will not require the key personnel documentation

  • Click inside the Subaward/External Institution box.  Type in the agency name associated with the External Consultant.
    • This box is a search box and not a free text box. If the agency is not listed email to get the agency added.

  • Click inside the Name (Last, First) box.  If the person has already been named on any other proposal, then typing in their last name will make them appear as an option.  You can click on their name and click SAVE.
    • If the External consultant has not been named on any other proposal in eTRACS, then click Create Profile
      • A new window will appear
      • Enter the First Name, Last Name, Address, Zip code + 4 digits
      • At the bottom of the screen is a Department field.  This field is required to save the person’s profile.  Choose the External Consultant’s agency in the drop down menu.
      • Save
  • Once the External Consultant’s profile window closes > Click Save