Help – Completing a Non-Federal Proposal

The New Proposal Questionnaire must be completed before using this training document.  See Start a New Non-Federal Proposal help page.

Complete New Proposal Questionnaire

See Proposal Questionnaire help page

Complete the Setup Questions tab

  • Is this a Flow Through project? > Defaults to No – A “Yes” answer will prompt an additional window pop-up asking for the originating sponsor
  • Submission Mechanism/Screen Template > 1. Generic

  • Fill in the Deadline Type, Date and Time

  • Add associated departments and/or associated Centers/Programs NOTE: See “Associated Departments” training document

  • Select the Program Type in the drop-down menu
  • The majority of the research will be conducted: “On-Campus” will be the default choice NOTE: An off campus designation must be reviewed by ORA central office.  Navigate to the Pre-Review Questionnaire tab to answer questions regarding an off campus determination and start the pre-review route.
  • Click Save and Continue

  • After hitting save, the remaining proposal tabs and submission package forms will populate

Complete the Pre-Review Info, Additional Proposal Info and Pre-Review Routing/Uploads tab

See “Completing Pre-Review & Additional Information” training document

Complete the Personnel, Budget and F&A Dist / Credit Allocation tabs

See “Completing the Personnel, Budget & Allocations Tab” Training Document

Complete the Abstract/SOW tab

  • Upload a document or choose to type in a SOW by choosing “Manual Entry” > Save > Complete

Finalize and Submit the proposal

See “Finalizing and Submitting a Proposal for Routing” help page.