Help – Submitting Change Requests

Change Request: Any action initiated for the project post award.  These change requests include, but are not limited to – pre-spending, no cost extension, subaward modifications and personnel changes.


  • Navigate to the Change Requests tab in eTRACS
  • Click on the appropriate change request

  • Link to the appropriate project by clicking on the plus sign

  • A new window will pop up.  Select by eTRACS proposal/project number or use the search parameters under the “Apply Filters” section and click Go

  • Scroll down to the  bottom of that window to see the search results
  • Check the box next to the appropriate project
  • Click Select (Window will close)

  • Fill out the questions to appropriately describe the request
  • Click Lock Form to complete the page (A warning will pop up to notify you of any unanswered questions)
  • Click Submit to initiate the route of approval
    • NOTE: PI’s must approve as the first step of every change request route; the PI will receive notification when the request is approved by central office administration.