Help – Genius User Profiles (“My Profile”)


GENIUS Profile: The user profile (“My Profile”) that exists for each individual accessing eTRACS that contains general user information such as home department, position title, email and phone.  The GENIUS profile also contains appointment and salary information for proposal budget creation and can be used as document storage for other necessary proposal development elements.

Sponsor Credentials:  Log-In information for that is required for S2S submission.

System-to-System (S2S): Electronic submission between eTRACS to  Allows faculty to develop the full proposal package within eTRACS and submits directly to

Dashboard: The eTRACS dashboard is the landing page that includes the widgets for system messages, to-do items, SPIN opportunity searches, etc.

Updating General Information

  • For changes to a position title, contact your human resources representative to ensure Banner is updated with the correct position title.
  • Update Office/Work phone numbers and addresses by visiting Pirate Port and changing the Personal Information in the “My Information” module.

For S2S submissions, eTRACS will require that the address be updated as follows:

  • Office Location
  • City
  • State
  • County
  • State
  • Zip with 4 digit extension, with dash (ex. 27858-4353)
  • Country
  • The Fax Field is editable.

Note: If the profile information above is not added or formatted correctly in Pirate Port, then the proposal developer will have to manually update the profile information for the person every time they are added to a proposal.  This may cause delays in development and routing.

Updating Sponsor Credentials

  • Within My Profile, click on Sponsor Credentials.
  • Click Add

When the window populates:

  • Choose the Credential Type using the drop-down menu
  • Enter the credential next to Credential (either your NIH Commons ID or NSF Fastlane ID)
  • Click Save
  • Add additional sponsor credentials, if necessary


Delete sponsor credentials by checking the box to the right of the credential.

  • Click Delete

Updating Other Profile Information

Other GENIUS profile information that can be updated by the user:

  • Certifications and Trainings
  • Collaborators
  • Resources
  • Advisees
  • Biosketch
  • Education/Degrees
  • Employment
  • Delegates (See Delegates Training Document)
  • MD Information

To add documents or information to any of these sections:

  • Click the Add button in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  • Fill out all required fields and/or upload document
  • Click Save

Effects on Proposal Submission

During proposal development, particularly for system-to-system submissions, GENIUS profile information can be uploaded to the proposal.  This capability allows the user to upload the most updated version of a proposal element to the GENIUS profile to be used with any proposal. If a proposal element is uploaded to an individual proposal record no other proposal record will have access to that document.


Smith is submitting a proposal that will be a S2S submission. He notices while developing his proposal that he is being prompted for his sponsor credentials before finalizing the proposal for submission.  Within the proposal, he adds his sponsor credentials and submits for internal routing.  This action has the following effects:

  • The current proposal will route and be submitted by the Office of Research Administration.
  • Future proposals developed will continue to require Dr. Smith to fill in his credentials.
  • To eliminate the need to enter credentials with each S2S submission, Dr. Smith must update his credentials in his GENIUS profile.