Help – Copy an Existing Proposal

This topic assumes the user has created proposals previously in eTRACS. See for overviews of that process.


Navigate to the Proposal Development module and click Proposal under the Create New section

New Proposal Questionnaire

  • Create New Proposal > Continue
  • Choose “Copy From Existing Proposal” > Continue

  • Use one of these procedures. Either:
    • Type in the proposal number > Continue
    • Leave the field blank > Click Browse
      • Search for a proposal by one of the attribute fields > Click Go > Click Select when the proposal is populated at the bottom of the screen
      • The proposal number will populate in the New Proposal Questionnaire > Click Continue

Complete the New Proposal Questionnaire

  • NOTE: Some proposal information will populate from the copied proposal
  • The budget tab will not populate from the copied proposal

Create the Proposal