Help – Approving Change Requests

Change requests can be submitted by the PI, hub administrator, or other departmental administrators that have security access to the given department of the Lead PI.  The PI is required to approve change requests regardless of the submitter.  An email notification will be sent to the PI when a change request is being routed for approval. Types of change requests include, but are not limited to – pre-spending, no cost extension, subaward modifications and personnel changes.


  • From the email notification (or the Messages area of eTRACS)
  • click on the link to the Reviewer Dashboard
    • Login

  • View the specific request by clicking on Form/Document

  • After reviewing the document, unlock the form to make changes, then lock the form back again

  • Navigate back to the Reviewer Dashboard and add comments
    • Approve, Conditionally Approve or Disapprove the request
      • NOTE: A Conditional Approval is considered an official APPROVAL.  Definitions of the approval types can be found on the definitions web page.
      • NOTE: A disapproval will return the request back to the creator and will require that the route start over when re-submitted.

  • Accept the certification – route will continue
  • NOTE: The PI will receive a notification when the change request is approved by central office administration